Stranger at My Window II (Homecoming)

    Stranger at My Window II (Homecoming)

                   By: Michael Vanderhoof


Twenty years have come and gone, as I wait by this window glass.

Then late one night, a surprising guest, that I hope will always last.

I see her smile, and golden hair, just like I did before.

Her presence getting nearer, as she walks up to my door.


I open it so anxiously, and embrace my dear lost friend.

Then I ask about her timing, and how she met her end.

She talks in several riddles, and I try to pay attention.

Illusion’s she creates for me, her death she does not mention.


A journey into town she states, is where we both must go.

Her quest seems so compelling, our destination I do not know…

We leave the house so quickly, then down the road for miles.

Arriving at this mysterious place, her face has lost all smiles.


A house that seems familiar, like a place I’ve been before.

The riddles are all clear to me, as I enter through the door.

Shadows move around me; a dim light fills the room.

I hear a boy that’s screaming, and I see him meet his doom!



So sinister and evil, as he bag’s the boy away.

He exits ever quietly, before the night turns into day.

Then halfway down the staircase as the moon is shining bright,

Several groups of officers start to shine him with their lights.


I stand between the doorway as a witness to this crime,

But no one else can see me, and the body bagged is mine!

My mind is full of flashbacks, as I start to remember clearly,

The tragedy and the horror of all that happened to me.


My tears are ever flowing as I see this all unfold,

The story of my short-lived life, “it just needed to be told.”

“I’m sad you had to see this”, as her tears fill up both eyes.

“It’s never very pleasant when you see a loved one die.”


I now start to remember, all the pain of love that’s lost,

My grade school crush was stolen, and my soul had paid the cost.

I must have kept this hidden in the backways of my mind,

I’m the stranger at my window, that my “love” one night did find.





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