Coronating a nightshade dawn

It has become the hindmost
transmogrified parable

the nether hyperbole
deciphering the illumination.

the encrypted cerebration
the ascension of fecal rain;

cold fingers clench jugular
juggling accumulation
of folded wights.

When undertow rises;

circumferential kiss on
omnipotence's ovum,

and stupefaction slither
and dared leaking razor fire
through brine of the eyelids;

submissive fire hawk
in the fourth wing
of her third oculus,

I'm ravaged by minions
of the light bearers
second hand arrogance...

becoming the creature feature
as a singular titular grand
Cavia porcellus of Avīci,

shackled inverted deveined
without waves of mercy.

To give great shouting
is to gain the ichor of tyranny
my wraith spits splitting
madness in binary rays
through doors that are flesh,

into the blinking iris
of the collectively content
three furies...my will is sodomized,

demands from the talking wall
inscribed with carmine nectar
of fallen Nephilim;

in the kaleidoscope eye
of Cerberus we raise
the tenth to surface,

grave consequences stretch
for the whole congregation.

For once they were gold;
now inked with homicide spots,

controlled by Belial Sigil
sweet child of darkness

I have become a advocate
and server of golden impalements
different from Vlad Tepes

I use spines of the first born
shivved through rectums
of the walking marked.


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  • dusk arising

    The best is yet to come.

  • Laura🌻


    An awesome write! Thank you for sharing and for your author comment!


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