Fate Of Mankind...

(this prognosticator ordains,

which if came to pass no brains)

necessary to impress any

goo goo dolls, nor swains!)

Cited in crosshairs of thermonuclear warfare

quite an about face from bursts of creativity,

yet omnipresent palpable threat everywhere

unlike sangfroid hermitage within Abbey air

habitués hosting religious peacemongers care

ring about spiritual well being, nsync by prayer

regular quotidian discipline dissociating scare

re: global apocalyptic genocidal holocaust sear

ring significant sinister malevolent electioneer

macabre mushroom clouds vitiating atmosphere

burnt offerings charred flora and fauna cohere

glommed together undifferentiated pulverized

conglomeration bespeaks devastated biosphere

survivors (if any) few and far between gallows

humor, sans mockery former Amazon billionaire

irrelevant wealth superfluous banked nightmare

Homo sapiens like mummified zombies blinded by

light, eclipsed contaminated heavily sheltering sky

succor solemn deliverance bombed appallingly revere

inescapable damn earth bottled genii raiment austere

foretold prophecy regarding Doomsday clock spare

ring extra crispy char broiled ribs aplenty profiteer

awaiting her/him able to make a killing apprenticed

savvy entrepreneur opportunity, though no cashier

to pay, hence former Trumpeting strictly volunteer

job with bone fried benefits superior than Medicare

accompanied by death as fine companion buddy sincere

need not be grave concern, so minus annihilation and air

choking stench, viz total extinction moonscape sphere

flora obliterated only scorched landmarks thoroughfare,

humongous bajillion shades of gray cremated vaporware

vague hint former edifice Taj Mahal wanting consigliere

so opportunities galore to look as smoking hot fleshpot

overactive imagination helpful to conjure all in the

family Maude Lynn good times MASHup of yesteryear!


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