let us dream the never-ending dream of life so many time.s we have dreamt about this life so many times have we awoke from the dreams knowing all to well that IT WAS JUST THAT A DREAM FOR SO LONG WE COULD ONLY DREAM OF these days and now that they are no longer a dream we wish to never awaken less we find_as before this was just a dream one we wish never to wake from.



    GOOD AFTERNOON FRIEND ~ Welcome to MPS. Texas a great State to be in and Austin one of my Fave US Cities ! Thanks for your first Poem very intriguing ! We all dream and often I have dreamt about past times & forgotten friends ! The end of your Poem suggests that the "Present Times" are a kind of living nightmare ~ did you vote for TRUMP ? In the UK we have BREXIT and amputation from Europe which will be very painful ! Rather like TEXAS annexing from the UNION ! Thanks for sharing ~ much food for thought ! Please check our site which I share with my Fiancee Angela ~

    • oursdargent

      I did vote for trump. I would love to say that the dream ended happily. but when one door closes another door opens.

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