The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail

To those going,
against the church,
to those trying,
to close the church,
I welcome it.
You will not prevail.
You think that because,
you have called out,
false preachers,
false prophets,
and false doctrin,
that that may be sufficient,
to close down,
God's house of worship?
Do you think,
shootings in churches,
will put fears in us,
who are believers in Christ?
Those who do,
believe such foolishness,
are those who do not,
know the word.
They are wicked judeizers,
who are of the devil.
They slither their way,
into the church,
and often win the people over,
with their charismatic ways.
Yet, they will not prevail.
The church has been persecuted,
for two-thousand years.
Still, let me calm down.
I do not see it,
as the devil,
causing destruction.
Yes, he is trying,
but rather, he is causing,
his own destruction.
He is falling,
into his own trap.
He is using people,
to close churches,
by exposing them.
When in actuality,
those he is using,
is bringing the truth,
into the light -
showing who is true,
and who is not.
You foolish people.
How can you be so gullible?
So I say this.
Christ -
The Son of The True Living God,
has laid the foundation,
of the Church.
He has laid the rock,
and the gates of hell,
shall NOT prevail,
against it.

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