John Snowdon

The Stranger

The Stranger

Do you remember all the times back in grade school?
When we would learn about history.
And I’d lie alone in bedroom
Wallowed down in my misery.
See four was always lost on me.
Five was a feeling I couldn’t hide
And six, well six just came naturally
But seven always ate me up inside

Do you remember all the times when I told you
“Dry your eyes, lose yourself in me"
But at nights when I would hold you
A distance as boundless as any sea
See four was always lost on me
Five was a feeling I couldn’t hide,
And six, well six was a friend to me
But seven kept me up at night

And I’d ask myself, what the hell am I doing?
Can’t blame no one else this is all of my doing;
To be alone, and feel alone.

Mr. Thompson always told me to be careful
Be careful who you let inside
He had loved and then he lost here
The memory tore him up inside.
He said four could destroy all the things you hold dearly
Five could take away your dignity
And six, well six could work wonders
But seven only worked infrequently.
And he was alone, and it didn’t much matter
There was no peace, just perpetual clatter
And I watched him close as he pierced through his anger
I won’t lose all myself, can’t live like a stranger…
No more, I won’t live like a stranger no more.

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