Uneasy Mantra Of Brinkmanship


Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces
(INF) Treaty nixed, asper (gasp) infinite
wisdom (quite unsettling) trumpeting
commander in chief de facto gave green

light, thus signals fasttrack, sans arms
race activating Armageddon churning
noble nuclear warheads damn the (not
so petty) torpedoes full steam ahead,

ramping up military industrial (intelligence
- ha) complex edifice global security
compromised detente tipping point

needle weighs heavily - scale lean

triangulation ratchets dramatic
apocalyptic fear each man knucled
(woman child) arms themselves to
the teeth bombs away doth not leave

mushroom to wiggle free of doom,
the human race on track to extinction

since the commander in chief did
rescind checks and balances on rogue

nations, now issuing free (grab bag)
for all warmongering states to stock
on fire sale of various and sundry

weapons of mass destruction ushering

exponential possibility slight sabre
rattling altercations will kickstart
World War III, but no victors will
emerge cuz every square inch of planet

Earth will be snapping, crackling
and popping with radiation fostering

disintegration, incineration, obliteration...,
among civilization with minuscule probability

no child will be left behind, (nor anybody
else for that matter), yet one need
not be a brain scientist, nor rocket
surgeon to predict the end of the world

as we know it (REM) minding any weekly
reader of TIME magazine, or other
reputable news source (such as Howard
Stern), any moment could deliver every
thing each of us cherish to go to hell in

a handbasket of deplorables) predicated
on the isolationist (nationalistic) posture
our dear leader steers this ship (unwieldy
leviathan) of state into totally tubular
unswerving pulverization!




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