Cali Kittana

Just Because

Just because I'm a girl

Doesn't mean I'm feminist

I don't have to be a bitch

I can just be myself


Just because I'm polyamorous

Doesn't mean I'm a pedophile

It's not like I'm doing anything illegal

It's just consenting adults


Just because you're family

Doesn't mean I have to respect you

I don't have to deal with abuse

I can live without you


Just because I'm short

Doesn't mean I'm weak

My height is my advantage

I can always wear heels


Just because I lost weight

Doesn't mean I have an eating disorder

It means I'm breaking one

I'm showing my willpower


Just because I'm a victim

Doesn't mean I always cry

I don't think about it everyday

It doesn't rule my life


Just because I was raped

Doesn't mean I hate sex

I can still make rape jokes

There's no point in self pity


Just because I have ADHD

Doesn't mean I'm a spaz

I can control myself

It doesn't make me an animal


Just because I dye my hair

Doesn't mean I'm unhappy

I don't mind being a brunette

The colours and blond make me happy


Just because I'm depressed

Doesn't mean I'm suicidal

I don't cut, either

I take my meds and cry


Just because I have anxiety

Doesn't mean I'm trapped

I go to parties, conventions

It just makes me nervous


Just because I wear makeup

Doesn't mean I hate myself

I cover my freckles, my imperfections

I enhance, but can go without


Just because I'm shy

Doesn't mean I don't like people

It just means I don't trust easily

I open like a book once you know me


Just because I act happy

Doesn't mean it's true

I feel nothing quite often, or even mad

Other times I'm sad or truly happy


Just because you read this

Doesn't mean you'll understand me

Not everything is as simple as that

I try to stay hidden out in the open



  • elmina

    you are very authentic in your writing, keep going! you have so much talent!! much love, always here if needed!

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