Regret is a spiteful thing


You were full of firsts for me.

The sweat soaked sheets.

No apologies.

The whispers and the laughter in the middle of the night.

The first man I trusted.

With my heart, my soul, my thoughts.

With everything life had to offer.

But I let you go.

And as the saying goes, it is only then you realise you truly love someone.

We didn’t fight for it.

But fought we did.

‘It wasn’t meant to be’


Life is how you take the twists and turns.

Was it my fault? Was it yours?

The answer we never quite received.

The pain of a broken heart is minute compared to the pain of a love turned stranger.

Avoided eye contact.

Hearts connecting for a brief moment.

Then nothing.

Nothing hurts the most.

Nothing leaves you on the edge of a cliff.

Nothing leaves you with clouds.

Nothing leaves you with late nights.

And you aren’t there to make them better anymore.

I tried.

I tried.

I tried.

But fate is cruel when punishing mistakes.

A new love had me fooled.

When all I ever wanted.

Was you.


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