What colour was your morning?


What colour washed your sky today?
Pink or golden or hues of grey?
Fleeting brushstrokes or powerful backdrop
If colours paint a scene
Paint it like a dream

Sit out in the garden, with leaves on the lawn
Watch birds fly across the sky, relax this morn
Flowering budding trees, what else could ask for
Gin in teacups, and a glimpse of life at dawn.

Bother day like any other four kids in the house and a tired mother.
She’s going crazy because me and my fighting brothers.
Everything in choas and then a door slamed almost off its hinge.
We got scared and ran outside to a sky that was pink and orange.
Simple days I miss them growing up to fast now grown into regret.
But at least i have our memories I was reminded by a pink and orange sunset.

Muffled taunts of warm and cool,
A breeze passes by and caresses me as it moves.
I stand before eternity with a fresh, and awakened mind -
All the colors I've seen are innumerable in the face of time.
Deep breath, in and out;
To ascertain the humidity.
The shades of my morning are both bright and serene, and for the matter whatever else I want them to be.

My morning was blue with a dreary so dear,
With snow reflecting against the sky oh so clear.
And with a brisk kiss of the sharp winds slap,
And a big fluffy coat with a tightly knit hat.
I pressed forward in the chill to reach my class,
Where one may sit and feel that time won't pass.
And one shall settle and watch at the pane,
The blue sky turned darker with shades of rain.

  • Authors: sylviasearcher, kingkev101, Dakota, Nicholas Browning, elmiina
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  • Finished: February 28th, 2019 23:55
  • Limit: 8 stanzas
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  • Comment from author about the poem: Hope the idea of describing a feeling by colour might be a fusion which indulges me and others.
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  • Nicholas Browning

    Glad I could make it for once.

  • sylviasearcher

    What a beautiful eclectic mix of shades and form.

    Gin in teacups, reminded me of a mad hatters tea at the alchemist!

  • Poetic Dan

    Beautifully done all! sorry I missed it but what a wonderful read from the rain before I go out again. Thinking of all your words will keep me a bit more sain 😉

  • Stormer551

    A very nice poem, it looks like you all had a lot of fun.

  • Maxine Smith

    Sorry I missed the beaut, well done guys.

  • Pal

    Sorry for late comments, however I can relate. Beautiful poem I can almost see the life behind your words.

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