Window Pain

My mind is filled with uncertain dread,

Like the fog hanging over the town

Just beyond my window pane.

Bare-branched trees

Like reaching fingers,

And lonely buildings with twinkling lights

Rise from the sea of mist;

Rolling in from the ocean grey,

Like so many of the slave ships

Bound for port.

My head is pounding,

Heart is aching

With outlandish feelings, unfulfilled.

Is there a place for me in this world?

Or will I continue to stagger, alone,

Down the thorny wayside,

The migraine-punctured gloaming

Lost in the fog forevermore...


  • Neville

    enjoyed and then some...

    and what's more.. oh' how I just love the word gloaming....

    we have so much of it around here unspoken and uncelebrated, tis such a crying shame..... N

  • niallprideaux


  • Claudelle DeLuna

    Very Nice!

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