the end?

the trees have come to a hault from swaying in the wind.

it's  11:00 pm.

it sounds like thunder outside my door-

i am tired and frightened.

father tells mother, "i don't love you anymore",

"get out of my house, you're such a whore"

the words surprise me, do they know i'm awake?

they're yelling so loud, i'm beginning to shake. 

what does one do to deserve this abuse? 

he's sounding so evil, i don't even recognize him-

what did she do??????

she's trying to sleep- has work in the morning. 

it's 12:00 am, she's pleading for mercy but he does not care;

he remains cursing. 

i awake again, it's 2 am. 

there's glass shattering and pictures being thrown, that is when i realize this was never our "home"

it's finally quiet, i'm falling asleep-

i can wait til morning, i don't wanna see. 

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