Keep It Basic

No dictionary equipped 
So my words might not astound
but if caught in a daze 
then the thoughts were too profound
red eye flights
I go all over the globe
honestly the clouds never get old
some dreams untold 
demented visions
but you honestly help me alter these visions
and I can speak as if you here
I don't get the feeling you missing 
stars shine brightest in the dark
we fireworks dream of that ascension
I'm saying that now 
but I do I want that attention
money is power
and power corrupts the best
am I good where I'm at now
or will put me to the test
become Pride the Arrogant
evolve from Greed the Arvaricious
some say change your routine
but we just wash our dishes
do things right the first time
some lessons you can't repeat 
I'm starting to see 
maybe that's why nobody 
wants a receipt
down to Earth on concrete 
nothing further down
but if you catch me drifting off
the thoughts too profound 
a sensation induced pupil diliation
I can't hear sounds anymore
only random vibrations

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