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I am currently working on more light hearted work after a wonderful year of change . God bless you all..

I was born with the prowess of a coquettish queen

They see diamonds and jewels in places where they have never been

I remember my mind being shadowed by sin as far back as I can recall

My fall from grace happened in another time, another place

They see my glamour all over my face

I cannot hide when I click with a man

These relentless women can smell it

See it

Sense it

Before it even actually occurs

My life endures their constant wrath all the time

Especially when I succeed in blocking them out all together

All of a sudden the weather changes all around me

Storms brew everywhere I turn

They want to burn me so badly that it kills them inside

Then they think that they can fucking hide from me

The bitches try as they might, but they can never be coquettish like I am

They don't have that certain little something that really connects them to their source

They are not me, the Nexus

I am a horse of any color that I choose to be

I make them see me as their hidden desire

The one that has eaten away at a part of them since they were brought into life

They try to be coquettish while exposing the blade of the very knife that they plan to lodge deep into my spine

They are bound by their mortal flesh, and I am, a paradigm

I am, indeed, divine

These bitches are possessed by that old whore Jezebel

These bitches try to run shit with crotches that smell like death

Their entire mission is to pussify all the men that still have their balls

Take all their money, their dignity, their manhood

Smoke all their meth that they need now just to deal

with their out of control balls and chains....

Hunger pains override the traditional laws of Man and Wife...

The knife turns and they all look at me for their answers to everything

My coquettish side has already made their men's bells ring somewhere deeper inside then they will ever even bother to try to see

They really don't care, as long as they remain free to carry on with their sickening tasks

They don't really want to ask me, I can guarantee that

I refuse to candy coat shit just to appease their feminine itches

To me, they are nothing but dumb ass bitches who don't deserve to even have a man

It pleases me that they cannot stand the sight of me, let alone can they stomach me when they taste my hole upon their man's cock

I knock their socks off, what more can I say?

I am the only game in town, therefore I shall be the only bitch who gets the right to make the rules to a game that only I know how to play....

Ciest la vie! Take care bitches! Bye bye!

Take to the sky like the vultures that you are

You will not get very far, you will see

You cannot be me

You have no swag

You are about as coquettish as a limp dick

I am tired and sick of all of you

You are angry because I am true to everyone, by first being true to myself

You do not even comprehend me and it wears away at you always

You spend all of your days trying to get ahead of me

when you cannot even keep up with me in the first place...

You are an oxy-moron, just face it toots!

You were not born fit enough to wipe this bitches boots....










  • Author: LIGHT WARRIOR (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 3rd, 2019 10:40
  • Comment from author about the poem: I am so tired of DUMB ASS BITCHES....It makes no sense that women try to compete so much these days..they are all two faced to each other..its bad enough seeing them against each other but when they try to pull me into their antics, I find it amusing, though extremely annoying....I love real women and real men...there are more real men than women in this world, though...its true....anyway..this is a fun poke at the matter...enjoy
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