Willow Craven

One Bird, Two Stones

One ear hears the shuffling of secrets.

The other hears piano through thin walls.

One half wonders if you meant it,

The other half ignores your calls.


To you I give

My will to live

And I hear you say

'I won't go away'


One hand holds a cardboard knife.

The other grips a pen.

One half prays, with all your might,

The other won't do this again.


Nothing is enough

To call your bluff

And escape from

Under your thumb


One eye tastes the lies you spew.

The other drinks them straight.

One heart is entranced by you,

The other beats with hate.


I loathe to know

To make you go

I must do the same

And win this game


One fist is bruised around the knuckle.

The other is clenched for a fight.

One half is sure, you won't buckle,

The other thinks you might. 


My tears you take

To fill a lake

And weigh me down

And watch me drown


One ear hears the shuffling of secrets.

The other knows the music stopped.

One half realises, you meant it.

The other half isn't shocked.


And the branch I use

To hang my noose

You'll cut

For firewood.




~ Willow Craven



  • dusk arising

    Amazing. You had me gripped with this. Usually i get bored with works of this length, give up and go looking for better. Today there are non better. This is a tremendous piece delivering the duality of love so aptly. Been there, done that, scars healing (still) and you describe it all with a grace and as if it is to be accepted as the norm... which of course it is... how wise you are.

    Definitely into my favourites.

    • Willow Craven

      Well you've officially made my day, thank you so much!

    • SerenWise

      Really nicely written, love the use of formatting 🙂

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