most days I wake up tired
but most days I still want to get up
some days are bad days
those days I scream and cry just because I woke up again
those days I wish I could push off the feeling and run again
but those days my mind tells me I'm worthless and I shouldn't even try
and I listen
so those days I miss my bus
I skip school
I think of taking a nice healing day
but you can't fix a broken mind with a bubble bath and candles
you can't fix a broken mind
you can't make the internal arguing stop
so I'm sorry that sometimes on those days I take it out on you
Im sorry sometimes on those days I take it out on me
I'm sorry, body, for the bad days
I'm sorry I confuse you

some days I tiptoe dance around like I am the sun of spring, others I'm like swimming in lake Superior in winter
some days I think of life in the best way possible
those days I'm amazed life is life
those I'm lucky to exsist
but some days I see nothing good
nothing but you
and those days I'm full of jealousy and loneliness
those days I think I'll do nothing more than swim and sink
or run and fall
or love and lose
good days come and go
so do bad days

but no matter the type of day,
I still see you
and I know I'll never sink,
I'll never not get caught when I fall
I'll never lose
even on days I don't feel lucky to have me, I know I still have you
and I know at the end of it all,
we'll be okay


  • FineB

    Thank you HeartfullyFallen.

    A great write.

    We all need a little luck at times.

    Keep writing Fine B.

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