Together In The Spring

Finally, we are together.
After such a long wait,
we can now hold hands.
We can now walk,
slowly together,
as the remnants of the Winter's,
cool winds blow,
your beautiful hair.
O' how I love,
holding your hand.
You have met me,
in the summer.
You have met me in autumn.
You have seen me,
just before winter.
Now the Lord,
has brought us together,
in the Spring.
O' how I love,
the quiet time we share.
Yet, I wait for you,
to say the slightest word.
Your voice is like,
a soft harp.
Your lips smooth,
as they move so gently.
Look at the beautiful tree.
It stands alone,
with it's new leaves.
Let the two of us,
lay under it.
We lay close to each other,
as we hold each other's hand.
We look into,
each other's eyes,
as your long, soft, brown hair,
gently sits,
on the crease between your breasts.
O' how I love you.
My love, my wife,
it feels so good to be with you.
Let us always,
remember this Spring.

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