Look into my eyes
Tell me I am the prize
Make me smile with your lies
Whilst the trust I had for you dies
The new you I despise
I prefer your disguise.


  • SmoothPoetry

    So true and yet so sad, if only people could realize what they had, they lie to cover up their bad, if only they could realize why we're sad. The victim gets gets hurt, by the trust that the lie burnt, all because the perpetrators ego couldn't be turned. Sad how petty some of the lies are, just so they can feel accepted at a bar, or redirecting the light to an excuse of the scar. .. great write once again, and it's a messed up world we are in, we will always win, get knocked down and yet laugh and grin, because they're the ones who caused us to pack up every thing into bins, take off and swim with new fins, a new chapter begins and we're off to greater doors that may open

    • trin

      Thank you for the poetic compliment, you have a great way with words!

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