My mouth opens, I'm ready

To speak. My notes in hand. 

Standing, breathing slowly.

My name is called and no

Words seem to appear . 


My feet fused to the earth. 

I'm shaking. As much as I

Try the words just won't come

Out of my mouth  


Glances are watching over me  

Sniggering in the background. 

I feel their humour clawing at

My helpless body. My arms are

Boiling, shaking and sweating 

With embarrassment  


Words won't come out, I'm

Stuttering and the tension is

Growing over me. I break down

In tears and walk out. 


Only my tears are left behind me...


  • Neville

    Never give up.... and here's wishing you good luck in your endeavours...

    • Mason

      Thank you :)

      • Neville


      • Fay Slimm.

        An honest write Mason and maybe now it is out and said those tears will be things of the past - - I do hope so.

        • Mason

          I hope so :D

        • Poetic Dan

          Brilliantly expressed, I'm going through the same test!
          May facing mine help you and in reverse I thank you!

          Much peace and respect
          All the best

          • Mason

            Likewise :) I'm improving at handling it

          • orchidee

            A thoughtful write Mason.
            If it was not so real a thing, a joke may diffuse some of the tension:
            A guy goes to the doc. Says, 'Doc, I'm all stressed, nervous, etc'.
            Doc says 'Well move indoors then'.
            The guy replies' What use will that make?'
            Doc says 'Well, you will stop living outdoors in tents (intense!)'. lol.

          • elmina

            i do a lot of public speaking in regards to my personal issues and outlooks on life. this poem was honestly very relatable and put into words perfectly. you are super talented, please keep writing! the best pieces come from the heart, after all!! much love!

            • Mason

              Damn, i never knew I was good at it haha, I just write about my feelings for myself and others

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