Your smile has faded

And your eyes no longer see

The things that you loved

And what attracted you to me


I see only now

Your disappointment and hurt

And your adoring voice

Is now angry and curt


It is now as I’ve suspected

The beginning of the end

No longer wanting to be my lover

My companion or friend


I sit now and ponder

Everything that I’ve missed

The clues that were apparent

On the rare occasions we kissed


How could I be so clueless

To your boredom and disdain

Your lack of enthusiasm

When I now call your name


I guess I was just stupid 

To think I had what was needed

To make you happy and content

That contradicting inner voice should have heeded


But now it’s too late

My inadequacies are too much

You no longer enjoy my company

My voice or my touch


I have only myself to blame

For wanting more than I deserve

For thinking you could really be happy

With someone who’s a little too quiet and reserved


I do want to thank you

For all the years you did try

For trying your best to love me

And to this day I’m unsure why


This is not self pity

Or an attempt to make you feel sad

It’s just a realization of me

At what I almost had


I now know it’s time

To let you be free

To unburden you with all my crap

And to succumb to what’s not to be


Losing you will be painful

And losing our life together even more so

But seeing the ghost you’ve become

I see I must now let you go.


  • LittleGift

    Such sadness in this piece. I felt your heartache in every line. A good write

    • notapoet

      thank you so much for taking time to comment, much appreciated...

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