Not my weakness

Note this
No man found the diamond in the side of a mountain, waiting for it to appear.
I've complained about a lot.
I've cried over a few.
The battles I've fought.
The debt I've worked on, well overdue.
Now I'm not saying I'm the strongest man on earth. Yet this 26 year old body has taken its toll.
Guess what though?
It started to roll.
Taken the pick axe and got to work.
Taken the sweat and wiped it away.
If its meant to be.
If I can no longer see.
I'll keep chipping away.
I'll go all day.
I win everyday. I woke up.
Here's another note
Thank the janitor, and he one day will become your associate with power. Shame the janitor, and your toilet will never be clean.
I will not take the steps pressed on me.
I wont let the false become reality.
I can't stand on someone's shoulders and dare ask if their okay...ofcourse not.
I'll force my pay. I'll leave before I'll stay.
I know what I want. I know what I need.
Yet I'm not stupid enough to sell my soul to get it. The sun rises. So shall I. Dont ever step down without a fight. Keep a good insight. Be someone's growing light. With one day coming, it will be alright. 


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    Thank you so much. I've been living a jump rope kind of life and I'm ready for a plateau to set. I needed this to be written somehow. Thank you for your time reading this.

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