A Poem For Good Eaters



A thought for my small, always on-the-go friends

I hope you will read this, and your ears will attend:

On your way to the table at the dinner-time bell

When you look at your plate, do you say: “I’m not well!” 


“My head aches, my tummy hurts, and my eyes are all red,

“I think I would rather go straight to my bed!”

So you go to your bedroom, and start to lie down

But then look in the mirror, and detect a big frown 


Starting way on the one side, curving ‘round to the other

And you wish you’d not told that big tale to your mother

As we study …how much you like food… in great detail

Then your story of not wanting to eat is a big whale 


On your plate there was something quite dreadful you saw

That scared you, and shocked you, like a TARANTULA

When, in fact, it was just a small, green, Brussels sprout

Which sat there observing you from its lookout 


But you had been taught by your friends down the street

That ‘Sir Brussels’ was a foe that you never should meet

And so, when you saw him there, ‘lone on your plate

A great fear o’ercame you, as you saw his end fate 


In the pit of your stomach he shortly would rest

You wondered if, in fact, your ‘tum’ could digest

Such a challenging rival, such a threatening foe

So you faked you were sick, to your bed you did go 


All this, so you’d not be obliged to consume

A few ‘pipsqueeks’ of cabbage, and a youngsters’ sure doom

If ever you slipped and let them pass your lips

You’d be forced to then wash them down with juice and chips 


Now, I know there are some of you who aren’t ashamed

Of trying just one bite of Brussels’ great fame

And some of you think that the sprouts are quite tasty

Of you I beg pardon, hope I’ve not been too hasty 


If I have misjudged and ranked your favorite ‘green’

As something quite dreadful, and much less than ‘keen’

For those who so feel, and think I am unfair

I will suggest others of which you should beware 


For some these are peas, for some they are beans

For others it’s spinach, or fresh turnip greens

For some cauliflower, or broccoli or beets

Or carrots, or onions, or squash (not so neat) 


There are hundreds of ‘veggies’, and hundreds of kids

There must be at least one you wouldn’t forbid

So give them a try, try them all if you wish

And discover which one of them’s your favorite dish 


It is very important to find some you like

‘Cause if you are growing, and riding the bike

The ‘veggies’ will give you nutrition and strength

To go the full distance, to go the full length


You need vit’min A, and vitamin B,

And then vit’min C, and D, and E

And calcium, iron, and fiber; these three

Plus the vitamins mentioned, will keep you healthy 


All these are contained in the vegetable group

When you can’t eat them fresh, then at least in your soup

I know you’ll feel lively, I know you’ll be strong

The vegetable-eaters are those that live long!




c aaron

  • Author: pldabbs (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 7th, 2019 11:19
  • Comment from author about the poem: Brussels were my most unfavorite food when I was a kid.
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  • Fay Slimm.

    You nailed it in one how to get rid ofh high blood pressure - Well written and stated - I second this cry for needed nutrition - a daily portion of right vegs. goes a long way to health.


    Thanks for sharing CHRISTOPHER ! I teach Nutrition & Food Science so I ama great proponent of VEGGIES ! Every Saturday I make a mega Veggie Soup and divide into six portions and freeze. I have one each day for Lunch (I have a microwave in my Office !) It keeps my blood pressure low. My Fiance (ANGELA) is A Physiotherapist & Nutritionist ~ So she is a Foodie ! Shes in NZ on a Work exchange so her Poem today is all about NZ LAMB ! We are both OMNIVORES !
    Thanks for sharing ~ Yours BRIAN & ANGELA !
    In NZ they always serve 3 Veggies
    with a Roast !

    • pldabbs

      Wow I got two vegesters reading and commenting. Brussell Sprouts are the only ones I still hate. But am very much like you. We have a 'Nutribullet' and every day I prepare a drink for both of us in the morning: Ginger, carrots, celery, kale, spinach, cinnamon, thyme, cilantro, parsley, turmeric, with a package of Max International's Max-N-Fuze and ATP for flavor (yummy orange). Every day! You wouldn't believe the health benefits. Years ago a had terrible digestive problems. In two weeks I was back to normal with this recipe!

    • pldabbs

      Your 'it gets people talking' would better be said: 'it gets people eating' no?

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