...That’s when you’re the prettiest

I hope that you don’t beat my ass

I’ll take a pass on this little pass-aggressive shit

I’ll cut myself with some glass, save us both the time

Just the way you like it

Wounds open for your feeding pleasure

At your leisure

If you’re earth, I’m your core

The sun to your endless void

You need me, and I can’t seem to leave

Maybe it’s a lucid dream

Maybe this scene is may too clean

Cover up artist to the max

Full blast

Begging eyes, pouting lips, what a mix

Such a bitch

Lets get hitched

So you mom won’t say hello

Trying to make us mellow, then switch back to where this thought started

We never rolled like that

Could never mesh, that’s a fact

I love you anyways, what’s more

It’s all because I crave you

Like the drug that you are

Crawling in my veins

You just made me a slave

You’re my only grave

And I’ll come to you

Every day and night that you ask

Smoke flying from flasks

Or whatever vice you set up for the night


It’s illegal, but it feels right

Just like you and me

Maybe I’m just twisted glee

Waiting here on my knees

Hoping that you come home tonight

But it’s all right

I won’t fight

You’re not worth the blood you drain

But I love you anyways

Maybe it’s self control

Maybe I don’t want you’re home

Maybe I’m just full of shit

Crawling back for another hit

I can’t take this for much more

It’s not sexist, fact is, you’re a whore

I’ve been lying to myself

Tossing all my needed wealth

I don’t love you

I just wish I did

I just wish you did

And each kiss didn't taste like gasoline

Is that so mean

To have a wish

On the stars beyond the disk

I’ll sleep with the fish

If it means one beat

In that chasm you call a heart

We’re apart

And it’s all I am

On this night I’ll take my leave

Embracing the shroud of leaves

To hide me as I travel down the road

And shut the door


As I wait

For the news of another’s fate

Before she changed my life again

And I slip back

To the stuff of breaks

In my heart

That kept us together

Now it’s apart

Scattered on a dirty floor

You won’t be my home more

And it shakes me to my core

As the stars watch me dancing

On my own

Late at night

Shrouded by delicate orbs of atmosphere

I made it here

And I find myself, forever more

Unable to leave

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