Last Line Crossing

Last Line Crossing



Wipers ticking faster than my heartbeat.

Hot air pumping, thawing out my cold feet.

Headlights beaming, shining on the white street.


Snow plows scraping, depositing the snow

Sideways forming, adjusting lines and rows.

Yellow warnings, winking as they go.


Tires crunching, resounding as I roll.

In the freezing cold, traffic of the snow.


People walking, stumbling like amputees

Forward leaning, swaying like winter trees.

Snow on their windward side, darkness on the lee.


Sirens sounding, like Doo Wop melodies.

Red lights flashing, warnings I ought to see.

Move right, passing, ambulance emergency.


Tires crunching, resounding as I roll

In the freezing cold, traffic of the snow.


Homeward nearing, a funeral drives past

Last line crossing, a wasted soul has crashed .

Try restarting, it seems I’m out of gas.


  • Fay Slimm

    Such a vivid scene your pen paints here Phil - - colder as moments pass is the feel of home warmth when it is snowing.......... you capture that well . Thanks for posting this reminder of winter conditions.

  • Neville

    sent a cold shiver p and down me spine so ya did... I can almost smell and taste the frost.... nice one sir, very nice indeed... N

  • Michael Edwards

    This a fine write indeed - thankfully here in middle England we have avoided the snow altogether this winter and Spring is now with us.

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