When You're Sick (for kids)


A poem when you’re sick, for some day you will be

If you eat too much junk, or too much candy

If you’re good ‘friend’ next door, who just had the mumps

Shares his germs with you, and you get some lumps


If you break out in measles, and your skin turns all red

If you become sluggish and then jump into bed

If you’re sick at home, because of dark spots

That speckle your face, and look like kumquats


If your temperature’s high, and your nose is all runny

If your friend tells a joke, and you don’t think it’s funny

If you are coughing and sneezing, and you sniffle and moan

If you have a headache, and your toenail’s ingrown


If you break out in sweat, because of a fever

If your tummy’s upset, and you can’t relieve her

If you wheezing and gasping because you are clogged

If your throat’s like a rasp, and your voice is like a frog


If all these things happen, and your folks can’t decide

Whether to keep you at home or let you go outside then

Outside you must go, when your health you’ve won

The fresh air feels good, and a run in the sun 


Will help you feel better, and get the blood flowing

You’ll soon feel much stronger; your eyes will be glowing

It would be lots better, to never get sick

I’d surely advise it, if you have your pick


But here is my plan, to help you stay well

Shout it from the rooftops and ring it with your bell:

“Eat all the right foods, good vegetables and fruit”

Get plenty of exercise, jog, play your flute!


Make sure that you sleep at least for eight hours

And then you must work hard, and next take a shower

You’ve got to be clean, Yes! That is a key

You must wash your hands, and I think you’ll agree


That with a clean body, you’ll get the most hugs

Take a bath every day to scour off the bugs

And then wash your hair, and in back of both ears

Scrub all of your nails, your face over here


And over there too, ‘cause that side is dirty

I don’t like the grime, you have to look pretty

Now let me backtrack, review every step

To have a sound body, with zest and with pep:


Good food is the first thing, yes, you must eat well

And then lots of exercise, “inhale, exhale!”

It’s good to go jogging; I think if you run

That you’ll always stay well, and it’s certainly fun!


Of rest you need plenty, eight hours of sleeping

Will bring back your zest, and keep the legs leaping

And then there’s hard work, at school and at home

Do all your homework, your hair needs to be combed


The last thing is be clean, in body and mind

Do all of these things, and I think you will find

That you will be healthy, wealthy, and wise

You’ll seldom get sick, so, please, take my advice!










c  aaron


  • Author: pldabbs (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 9th, 2019 13:50
  • Category: Children
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  • JaydeVictoria

    Never a truer word! Thoroughly enjoyed and nice rhyming style also

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