I Died That Night

In a club drinking shots

Out of candy cups .

He stops, we talk, I walk, he follows.



Fast forward

In the back of his truck

On the way to be killed?

Screaming, filled with panic

Whole body has gone static

Fuck this guy is manic.



Emersesed in his charm

Never did I think I would come to this sort of harm

Blood pouring down my neck

I never did suspect

He would have some crazy ass need

To watch me bleed.


 "Stop please let me go" 


"Be quiet bitch Or I am going to fuck you in the nearest ditch"



Another blow to the head

"Bitch your going to wish you were dead"


Fast forward

Its cold, its wet

His heart it's so black

His eyes have depths of hate

I feel the weight of his body against mine

I whine as he enters me.

He covers my mouth I can no longer scream

I've come to my final end it would seem.


Fast foward


Found lying naked on the ground

Hands bound

Unable to make a sound.


Fast forward

Still here in the land of the living

Yet reliving that night over and over, my ultimate  downfall

It seems he killed me after all.


  • EliDagger

    I typically write dark poetry and this really grabbed me. Great piece of writing!

    • Angela1711

      Thank you. I thought I'd move a little out of my comfort zone.I usually write about my own personal experiences x

      • EliDagger

        Well you did really well! Very impressed! X

      • JaydeVictoria

        Wow, this is a very descriptive dark write. It 's good to go out of our comfort zone sometimes and you did it really well. I too, usually write dark poetry but have been going out of my way to write things about love and other soppy stuff! But poems like this are much more grabbing and scarily inviting. Great write liked the format also!

        • Angela1711

          Thank you. My imagination did run a bit wild on this one. I can only really seem to write when im in one of those darker deep thought moods. Lol Love and soppy stuff also read well. I really enjoyed your recent poem. X

          • JaydeVictoria

            Haha, I think we can all scare ourselves sometimes! Aww thank you that's very kind I just saw your lovely comments! I have a stark contrast one coming tomorrow which is slightly darker and funnily enough I wrote it just after reading this poem, so maybe you illuminated my darkness a little! x

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