The Scent of Spring

Gone be those winter chills that freeze the bone 

Lest we turn our backs to the sun 

Spring is tapping on our frigid skin

Offering a taste of summers warmth 

A glint 

A hint 

of what’s to come 


And as winter idly slouches back its grip on earths green lands 

Spring with it’s sprightly spirit 

takes a gentle hand 

Easing and coaxing those little buds to bloom 

Amalgamating all natures scents

To create a spring perfume  




  • JaydeVictoria

    The flow of this poem is great and I really liked the way it is set out when it is read. Spring is full of new possibilities and you captured that brilliantly...faved to read again

    • LittleGift

      Thank so much Jayde, spring certainly is full of new possibilities. Hope you have a wonderful spring. Thanks for the lovely comment and for reading my poem x

    • Neville

      a lovely little spring poem and true.. N )

      • LittleGift

        Thanks Neville, I do love this season, so felt I should give it a little acknowledgement. Thanks for reading my ickle poem :)

        • Neville

          it was a real pleasure treasure...: )

        • Fay Slimm

          Ah - a lovely linguistic pleasure to read this verse on Spring - thanks for sharing it L.G.

          • LittleGift

            Many thanks Fay :) so glad you enjoyed my little poem. I do love spring x

          • orchidee

            A fine Spring write LG.

            • LittleGift

              Thank you Orchidee :) Spring is a glorious season

            • Michael Edwards

              Beautiful - makes me want to go for a walk down the country lanes but that will have to wait until after lunch - if I don't fall asleep lol.

              • LittleGift

                Hope you get that walk and the sun stays out for you. It’s been raining here. Thanks for reading and for the lovely comment :)

              • FineB

                Hello Little Gift,

                A lovely write.

                All the joys of Spring are beckoning ever near.

                Keep writing FineB!

                • LittleGift

                  Many thanks FineB for you kind words :)

                • Angela1711

                  The joy of leaving that winter chill. Spring is my favourite time of year. Nice write x

                  • LittleGift

                    Thanks Angela1711 I love spring too :) x

                  • Suresh

                    AHH! Spring for which we long and wait
                    From blistering cold, but winter is not to hate
                    As that's the season, when all regenerates
                    To strengthen the limbs for work that spring will create

                    • LittleGift

                      Beautifully put Suresh, thanks ever so much for sharing such lovely words and reading my poem :)

                    • Goldfinch60

                      Very good write but according to the weather forecast winter is arriving this week .

                      • LittleGift

                        They have been threatening snow for a while now. I hope they are wrong again. My plum tree won’t like it all, it’s covered in beautiful blossom

                        Thanks for reading Goldfinch60 :)

                        • Goldfinch60

                          I hope your plums are wonderful, when I can get out one of the walks that I do passes plum trees in the wild and the plums are beautiful.

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                        • sylviasearcher

                          It was a beautiful poem of hope and gentle incense that I shall come back to when my restlessness ceases 😌

                          • LittleGift

                            Hope that’s eases for you soon lovely and thanks for reading my poem xx

                          • Joe Dawson

                            You have a lovely touch and a heart that captures the rhythm of the earth very well indeed. Great work. Joe

                            • LittleGift

                              Such a lovely compliment Joe, I do love nature. Thanks ever so much for reading my little poem, and for your kind words :)

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