The Beauty of Duality

Life has been described in such a number of ways;

But trying to sum it up would take the rest of my days.

However, one thing everyone will deal with quite a lot;

Trials and tribulation, and many more they haven’t fought.


Life will throw you challenges, of every shape and size;

But as long as you have faith, it will never be your demise.

The universe does not work against any single man;

Somehow, someway, it always has a plan.


But you still must believe in yourself to get the job done;

It’s going to get ugly, and it surely won’t be fun.

It may seem it’s gone against you, but your faith must not rescind;

For you wouldn’t be going through it, if it didn’t think you could win.


Any problem in your life was presented for your growth;

In that light, there is no good or bad, but a crazy blend of both.

The beauty of duality, will help you rise and fight;

“From the deepest darkness, will shine the brightest light.”


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