Explaining what goes on in my head

It's like I'm in a room 

Full of doors, windows, and mirrors

I have rings on my fingers

Each dead-end door leads me to a new ring

Each window I go through distracts me from where I am

But I always have to go back where I was

I'm constantly craving freedom 

So the doors take up most of my time

But sometimes a mirror catches my attention

My reflection, a thing I thought I knew well

Turns into something else

Someone else

They pull me in, cradle me as I fall in love 

with a false sense of security 

But the longer I stay the more the figure changes

The more my guard rises

I step away

They reach for me

Only pushing me further away 

The mirror starts to crack and the figure disappears

I stare at it for a while

Wishing for what was once there to come back

I want the figure to go back to the way it was when I first saw it

But it's too late

Too far gone

My heart begins to ache

Another reason to lock another door

Something that could have been more

But now it's nothing

My rings comfort me, as I twist them around my fingers

They tell me to keep going

I am so close to finding the right door


  • Nicholas Browning

    Seems to me that one thing you must find content with is who you are. They always say no one will ever love you if you don't love yourself. That means that if you don't accept yourself you won't ever truly know what it means for another person to love you. Well, all that pertains to the poem and its message, not you individually. I don't know you, so I can't say. Haha. Well, best luck in your endeavors, and thanks for the share.

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