Hi, Im lonely.

A poet to a poet

Words that seep,

Slowly and Inky 
Unto the Parchment

Plucked from the harshest corners
and the lightest fields of the mind
A poet to a poet

Sharply they crash into their hearts
and breeze through the soul all at once

Striking it's emotions in beat, harmony;

Spilling their crimson pain on the sheets,
Like waterfalls penetrating rocks.
A poet to a poet

Stanza after stanza,
They exchange hearts in the form of art

Painting layers, and layers of soul.
Painting layers and layers of emotions.
Painting layers and layers of conscience,
Layers and Layers of heart.

A dance they perform,

Gracefully, then harsh,

Timed to the beat at which their chests' pound;
A poet to a poet

Working together to scream-- 
something that no one hears.

A whisper in the air; that only surrounds the host,
but never to cease his existence.

A feeling at which they work so hard to display,
Knowing it will never make a difference

Simply satisfied in their poetic ways,

That they've said what they've needed to be said.
what they've so desperately, so longingly have wanted to be said

This concoction of words that have ascended from their souls;

It exists

They feel it

Together, they feel it.

A poet to a poet.
(A romantic and exotic way of me saying I'm looking for someone to write some poetry shit with)


  • Nicholas Browning

    They way your rhyme scheme carries over from a stanza to the next is interesting. By the way, that's a lot of layers.

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