The Billowing Winds

The billowing winds dost sing and sing 

Colliding with almost everything 

Swirling and hurling the leaves and the clutter 

Banishing rain quickly forced down the gutter 


Cranking the limbs of the subtlest trees 

Which bow down to the wind with a flurry of leaves 

Immersing whilst cursing its woeful song, 

on all in its pathway 

High-handed and strong 


In a torrent of waves it can sweep through the streets 

Rattling dustbins whilst tottering feet 

Dancing and prancing wind whistles and whirls 

A force to be reckoned with once it unfurls 


But as swiftly and quickly as wind has arrived 

It loses its voice 

And abruptly wind dies 


  • dusk arising

    Yes i've had problems with wind like this. Nowadays i'm more careful about my diet.

  • Nicholas Browning

    I do enjoy a good breeze. However, a tornado doesn't count. Bad stuff that.
    I like how descriptive your words are towards wind. Personally its enjoyable to see personification given to forces of nature.

    • LittleGift

      I do love nature Nicholas, thank you for your comment and reading my little piece today. I am always grateful to have feedback

    • Michael Edwards

      Really does flow with the wind (and I'm not being flippant here) really good read LG.

      • LittleGift

        Thanks Michael, I dare say I am going to get some giggles from this piece lol
        Glad you liked it

      • Neville

        Nearly blew me away so ya did... wot a smashing little poem an all... I'm kinda glad you ran out of juice when ya did .. this little gem is just great as is.... tis windy her too N

        • LittleGift

          Thanks Nev, glad you liked my little bit for today. Now go have some fun and adventure. Hope to hear all about it when you return :)

          • Neville

            thoroughly enjoyed and true :)

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          • sylviasearcher

            Did today’s wind get a name like last week?

            I enjoyed your poem after being blown into my car on my way to my next meeting!

            • LittleGift

              Apparently it’s called Gareth, he needs to stop pushing you about Sylvia. That is not very gentlemanly of him

              Glad you enjoyed x

            • orchidee

              I've worked it out! They must go A to Z. We had Evie or Eva(?), then Freya, now Gareth. Bets on next one: H...……?

              • LittleGift

                Ooh clever clogs, wonder what H it will be. Harry I bet

              • Goldfinch60

                This is a great write LG, it flows beautifully.

                • LittleGift

                  Thanks Goldfinch60 :) so glad you liked it and hope you are having a good day today

                • Joe Dawson

                  Just been listening to Gale Storm singing Dark Moon. Spot on with 'The Billowing Winds'. Struggling right now to keep 20 young cherry laurels (just planted) in the ground against a bevy of storms rolling in off the Atlantic. Sometimes I could do with less wind in winter. Very good write. Joe

                  • LittleGift

                    Good luck with those cherry laurrels ! One of my plum trees lost a lot of blossom these last couple of days. Fingers crossed it calms down soon. Thanks for reading my poem

                  • G84

                    Awesome write, I always loved the wind you can’t see it but you can see the effect it has on everything it touches... an invisible power - the best kind!

                    • LittleGift

                      Absolutely, you can’t compete with nature herself

                      Thanks for reading my poem

                    • Maxine Smith

                      Perfectly fits with the weather we have been experiencing lately.
                      I one hundred percent agree with Nicholas, love how you have personified forces of nature. Really cleverly written.

                      • LittleGift

                        Thank you lovely :) it was a fun one to write. I do love nature x

                        • Maxine Smith

                          So do I, I find it therapeutic, one day the dream is to live out in the middle of nowhere, lots of trees, dirt roads and sounds of nature all around.
                          That’s why I love this poem so much, as you managed to bring your poetry to life, I can almost hear the winds howling when I read it ... really lovely to read.

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                        • Suresh

                          It dies with a whimper, but comes with a flurry
                          If it happens indoors, sends all scurry (ing)
                          Enjoyed it

                          • LittleGift

                            Brilliant suresh :) thanks for reading and your fab comment

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