Flying in the wind,

A song unsung

In the tune of sand

Flowing from the hands.


Fluttering colors

Prism through the beads

Of sweet-salty ocean

Dripping down the eyes.


As the rays of heat

Char the horizon

I'm the dirt that dyes

The sunset with twilight.



  • Fay Slimm

    Clever personification Diamond - glad i caught this little gem.

    • Diamond

      personification of dirt....indeed.!
      Thank you dear Fay. Much Love your way!

      That is all I have to offer.

      • Fay Slimm

        And that is enough and ever will be dear friend - - love lasts forever and I thank you muchly.

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      • tepo

        Keep dishing it out

        • Diamond

          Thank you Stevie. I tend to get buried in myself.

        • dusk arising

          Life falls through our fingers if we remain sad and all we will see in the beautiful sunset is the growing darkness around us.
          But beyond sadness is light.

          • Diamond

            The Sunrise is clear with the dirt that settles...
            Appreciate your reading.

          • kevin browne

            Ah, when your clouds of confusion clear you will reveal the landscapes of thought so beautifully created you will almost declare yourself a God. Innovative. and inspiring to say the least.

          • Nicholas Browning

            The last stanza is enigmatic; Well the whole poem really is. Some things are left to interpretation, which I think was done on purpose! You little shrew! Haha, jokes aside - it really sets a tone well, kind of like being lost and witnessing a sad event that must happen even though we don't wish for it. I enjoyed the read, and the message I took from it.

            • Diamond

              In the village I was born... the cattle would raise dirt while walking back to the barn after their day at the pasture and it is said that the dusk is painted dirt.
              This was the origin for the last stanza.

              • Nicholas Browning

                That's an interesting saying. Thanks much for the clarity! If you don't mind my asking, which village did you grow up in? The saying has caught my interest and I'd like to research it if I could.

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              • OUTBACK

                THE TWILIGHT* : THAT : IMPLORES* ALL* unto INFINITY* !

                • Diamond

                  Now, it's "complete".....Music of the Poetry-The twilight blend of Infinity.

                  • Diamond

                    I will listen to "the Music"

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