You Just Know

We tend to seek the things we cannot have

We wish for more than what we need,

and that in the end destroys us

We take what we can get, conceiving greed as we know it

We look for love in the wrong places, in the wrong people

But when that one comes along

That one

You just know

From the very touch of their hand, you just know

  • Author: Brie (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 13th, 2019 17:50
  • Comment from author about the poem: Forgery will not be allowed. No copies of any kind. ©2019
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  • Nicholas Browning

    I've heard similar sayings about knowing when you see them, or something along those lines. My question is if people can somehow misplace their ability to recognize their soulmate; or possibly be unable to have one at all. Good read.

    • Brie

      I feel that a soul mate does not have to be someone who is with you forever, but rather a person who is supposed to guide you in a way you need to be guided, whether that be romantically or not. Any one of us could have come across our soul mate and we'd have never known. It's the impact they have on our lives, and how it's changed us in another perception. But thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed.

      • Nicholas Browning

        The concept of a "Soulmate" is an interesting one. Thank you for the lengthy reply, its given some things to think about.

      • Night Owl

        And thank goodness for that knowing-- and I enjoyed your lovely poem.

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