Look hard now, penetrate the illusion
Do you sense it? Beyond the vision
Meditate, liberate, elevate and sink
Come hither unto the abyss. Think. Unthink.


Search relentlessly back and forwards, beyond then and after
Is it echoing? In your chest, the thrust of the viper
Rock and shout and praise. Denounce!
Now do you see? Stay then forever. Only now counts!


Seek until you bleed, and taste the bitterness of my blood
Could you savour it? Or would you gag on the flood?
Relish, devour, orgasm and hate
Please aspire to consciousness, before the Gods say too late


With your third eye, and the ache of your bones
Let it drum out inside? Like a welcoming home
Still, silence, rest and rebirth
Feeling the ocean but never knowing if its worth


Tell me when you reach it, deliver it to me
For I am bone woman waiting to be free


  • Nicholas Browning

    Ahhh, yes. The insurmountable dread of overflowing chaos. Always love a good bit of crazy in a piece of literature. Mainly because no one really knows what the message is, sometimes not even the person that wrote it does. The video made me laugh and I found it quite funny. The ending was a little creepy though, haha. What with the black eyes and grin and all. Ughh. I enjoyed the read - reminded me of a couple of other pieces I've read and written. To me this read depicts searching for an answer when you know there isn't one. Thanks for posting Syl!

    • sylviasearcher

      You thought the ending was creepy? I find it all quite disturbing!

      Your interpretation is definitely the key theme underlying this one.

      It was a poem that started with a different idea than it ended. In fact it started with the idea that we can only perceive and never know. But then like you say, we are all perhaps searching for a truth, and we settle for something don’t we. Be it God, materialism or nature, be it living life to the full or letting it pass us by.

      But the answers we will never know? Should we judge the settlers? Are the God worshipers more worthy than the apathetic?

      At this point there are other little layers but the thoughts begin to run into each other.
      Thanks for not being scared away by this one.

      • Nicholas Browning

        No problem. It'll take a lot more than that to scare me xD

      • Sunshinefalling

        I love this. Thank you!

        • sylviasearcher

          Well I was quite pleased with it too but then thought it is either too confused or dark or something because most seem to have avoided it.

          So I really appreciate you liking it😊

          • Sunshinefalling

            I don’t think it’s dark at all. To me, it speaks of existence. A sort of awakening. I enjoy it.

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          • LittleGift

            The video at first when the baby came out of his triangle head, for some reason made me think of 2001 space Odessy. The monolith and the baby I guess. The rest was wild

            The poem was amazing. As I started to read and I felt it was like a meditation ritual, letting go of all you know to find that inner spirit and connect to the universe. I absolutely loved it sylvie. I felt very intune with my primal self. A truly Shamanic experience

            This is a good write

            • sylviasearcher

              Oh thank you LG, I was a bit worried I’d scared everyone away with the triangle men!

              Thanks for reading it and especially for enjoying it! 😊

              • LittleGift

                Those triangle heads looked like something from a pet shop boys video. Nothing to fear from shapes ;)

                And you are most very welcome x

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