Disseminated information...

(perhaps theme broached before, yes)?

(alternate title:The hunger for knowledge)

Whither hearing, vis (ideally,

liberal commentators I adore),

asper "NON FAKE") news,

more than weather, latest sports score

or reading, (yes of course

out loud applying index finger de rigueur

of right hand as pointer)

poetically mentioned once before

ditto via select publications

(oh...alright TIME Magazine, The Nation,

and/or Mother Jones) all of which boar

like a mellow red bull at four

after midnight, nonetheless, who decrees

(hmm... maybe ludicrous to ask courtesy deplore

able basketcase, but inquisitiveness persists


what body electric discriminates furthermore

freedom of what gets published, or

determines permissible broadcasts

made by Federal Communications Commission

allowing, enabling, and providing galore

of choice morsels pollinating

mass media buzzfeeding popular culture

additionally permitting opinions shared by hardcore

investigative journalists, putting life and limb at risk

nonetheless inherent within constitution delimiter


i.e. bureau to censor radical, subversive, more

treasonous than Socialism

with Iron Maiden on tour

must serve as kickstarter

to stifle: tyranny, mutiny,

anarchy, et cetera and shore

up defenses (perhaps in guise of a

reinforced wall) toward those who ignore

codas defining complex edifice of government

trumpeting defiance, uncivil disobedience,

insouciance, et cetera in an attempt to restore

totalitarianism stripping away inalienable

rights of life, liberty and pursuit

of happiness endowed by a smoothbore!


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