Trash talking

The misery in my soul swirls to the brim

Hateful words echo through my brain

People who are supposed to support me 

Continuously ridicule my every life choice

There words are razors cutting me like a knife

Wishing that i could just run away and hide

Disappear from their world and never return

How much crap can one person take before they crack

When they sit next to you in the room 

Trash talking until they turn blue

Beyond done with this place here

All the backstabbing and trash talking 

Makes me feel like i dont mean crap to you

Soon i will leave and be away from all of you



  • Nicholas Browning

    Ah, to forsake and to abandon in hopes of becoming more somewhere else. A fresh start, a new beginning. Can't say it doesn't sound appealing, of course I've done it before. Not all it's cracked up to be. People suck, that's pretty much how it goes. I could say what everyone else says, but I'll spare you the repetition. Best regards in your endeavors.

  • dusk arising

    So sad to read. This horrible cycle is something i went through too. Leaving home at 15 worked out ok for me but i would advise against leaving home very young nowadays because times are so much more dangerous for us all.
    One thing is for sure though, if you ever feel yourself being unkind to your children sometime in the future, you will deal with it differently to the example you grew up under.
    Be positive.

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