broken nature

i cant love you like i loved him

for he took the willow when he left

but i can love you some type of way, and hope its oak instead.

but the seed that was planted wasn't oak

it turned out to be pine

and so i grabbed an axe to cut you down

for i knew you weren't meant to be mine.

i chopped the pine tree down, for it wasn't oak.

and the smell of home hit me as the branches covered me like a cloak.

but it was to late to fix the damage that was done

for it was never oak, twas a pine tree, my heart had simply won.

so ill keep on planting seeds

till i get my oak

and hope the love will survive the storm, my pine tree hadn't took.


  • Nicholas Browning

    Seeing how this pertains to both nature and humans is a bit cool.
    The message in its entirety has eluded me, though. The song goes well with the poem.
    Best regards.

  • lainacarson98

    thank you both for commenting, it means so much. sometimes it takes me weeks to write something like this. other times it just pops into my head and I have to write it down

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