The True Gospel

There is none other like it.

No other religion can come close.

Where there is always an answer,

in the Bible,

at some point, every other religion,

comes to a hault.

There are no answers in this world.

That is because Christ is the only answer,

and he is not of this world.

No other idea can come close,

to Christianity.

Believe me.

I know.

At one point, I had advanced,

in my former righteous belief -

which was a revolution -

far beyond my peers.

I was once zealous,

in my cause.

Still, it came to a point,

that when I thought that I had,

all the answers,

they turned out to be only lies.

So the Lord God then chose me -

called me -

through his grace to serve him.

After, his son was revealed to me,

I realized a better answer -

a more true answer,

the only true answer.

It was one that did not leave me,

by myself.

It let me know that love,

was better than hate;

that it was easier to live with love.

Is it easy?

No, and it will always be a challenge.

Still, never have I found a better,

and more inviting challenge.

Not only do I look forward,

to bringing the gospel of Christ,

to the world,

but it brings me great joy.

I now live with passion,

and not zeal.

This is the Christian walk.

This is my Christian walk.


  • orchidee

    A fine write Forever.

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