Who am I?



A make believer. A dreamer. An actress in this life.


In a world I built, a fabrication to pass the time. 


One day I desire to be covered in mud sweating being a human.


One day I desire to be a dream never to be seen again.


Other days I live in on a moral high ground. Then others still, I am throughly deviant.  


I am all of these things.


I am none of these things.


  • Nicholas Browning

    Forever the truth and forever a lie.
    You are who you want to be, at least that is my hope.
    Best regards.


    A DRAMER* of REALITIES* : by WAY of " IMAGINATION " ! . . .


      " DREAMER " ! [ MAC* - KEYBORD WACKED ]* !

      • Sunshinefalling

        Yes. The fabrication of self.

      • Diamond


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