Hello Little Blue Bird

Hello little blue bird

Sing for me

Sing me songs

From places I can't see


Hello little blue bird

Dance with me

Remind of all

The things I want to be


Hello little blue bird

Please listen to me

I wish we could

Fly beyond the moonlit sea


Hello little blue bird

Speak to me

I want to hear your voice

From your abandoned tree


Hello little blue bird

Please remember me

When you fly away

Filled with joy and ecstasy


Hello little blue bird

Will you miss me

From the night you fly away

To the day life sets you free


Hello my little blue bird

Don't forget me

I won't forget you

So I beg don't forget me


  • Nicholas Browning

    Blue birds! My favorite. Why? "Because they're blue of course."
    I enjoyed the read. May your bird not forget you.

  • orchidee

    A fine write Cat.


    HI BC : Angela here : I love this poem ! Because BRIAN and I are apart UNTIL November (Im in New Zealand on a Work exchange) I often sing my Love Songs to the Trees & Birds & the Sea !
    Sing for me : Dance with me : Listen to me : Speak to me : Please remember me : Dont forget me ! Your Poem is beautiful and its sentiments made me CRY ! It also reminded me BRIAN is coming for two weeks in APRIL : AMEN
    Blessings & Love : ANGELA 🧡
    Please check our site : Thanks !

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