Numb Love

Numb Love
It’s silly now
That I think of it
Numb love
I can’t feel it anymore
But, it’s still there
The emptiness
full of memories
This numb love
We have
We know it’s there
The unfeeling feeling
full of never endings
Yea, this numb love
has me thinking we should go our separate ways
Yea, my heart still stays with you
Yea, this numb love
wants to tear us apart
When we should start over
This numb love
Dumb love
Don’t let me walk out the door
I promise to tell you everything
I can feel the sting
Catch me as I fall
A gain
A win
This numb love
is waring thin
Let me leave in vain
Numb this pain.


  • Nicholas Browning

    In my personal experience a numb love isn't always a love that has been lost. Sometimes, it is a love that cannot properly be communicated or understood. It takes a lot of time for someone going through it to understand, as it did with me.
    Nice write, hope I helped!

  • Poetic Dan

    Nice work

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