Jeffrey Roy


Its hard sometimes to say exactly what I'm worth,

Sometimes even harder dealing with the hurt.

To feel like no one's there during all my pain,

I have nothing left to lose and nothing left to gain.

I struggle through the days, with no one at my side,

To find some sort of worth, to save a little pride.

But all my days are dark, stormy, cold and gray,

And emptiness keeps growing as I slowly fade away.

I have no effort left to put into this life,

No helping hand behind me to pull me to the light.

So once again I ask, before I leave this Earth,

Tell me, if you care, exactly if you dare.

You think I'm kidding and making it all up,

However my life is just about up.


  • Nicholas Browning

    Well, I care about everyone out of a common sense of decency, morality, and respect. All of which I believe all people should practice giving, maybe then the world wouldn't suck so much.
    This poem really got to me. It's one of the better ones that I've seen of yours. I'm not sure if the narrator in this is actually you, or if you're actually suffering from some kind of an illness, but I give you my best regards.
    Fight on good sir.

  • Poetic Dan

    Thank you I can't see much through the tears but I'm truly honoured to of seen your words, with plenty of worth.

  • Maxine Smith

    Keep writing, out your emotions to paper and keeps expressing yourself, sometimes life hands us hard times, they are the to make us stronger.
    Our current situation is not out final destination.
    Keep writing, you write amazingly.

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