Maxine Smith

Something Silly

This funny little lady
With a dose of crazy
Her silly adorable face
Like she’s sent from out of space
Just a silly moment stanza
Hope you enjoyed and had a gander
Oh whilst I have you here
Add a little silly note my dear

One can be silly in a fun way
As we add brightness to our lives each day
While we are out and about
We reach for that gold in order to remove doubt
We rise in order to accentuate the positive
We must remember that we have one life to live

The curry is cooked
The rice is placed on the plate
Where is the Red Wine
(A Goldiku)

To travel is to be free,
I've much to learn and find!
Just one problem though,
Ugh, where am I?

Woof! Woof!
Fido, my 'watchdog' reminds me to remind you
To mark poems 18+ if need be
Or he'll bark loudly and may even bite
Don't ya forget now
We can't have real saucy poems sneaking in
Nor anything too 'exciting'
Why, we have wet weekends
All grey and dismal
What more excitement could ya want?! heehee
Woof! Not now Fido!

SOMETHING SILLY ~ always appeal to me
ONE could have Meat Pie with custard for tea !
MAYBE Ill have sliced Bananas on toast
EXCITING Ill go to work ~ dressed as a GHOST !
TRY to be SILLY at least once a day
HAVING a LAFF as you pass on your way !
I AM a Joker ~ I do SILLY THINGS
NOT to get into trouble ~ Im FAT MAN who sings
GETS up and sings BLUE OF THE NIGHT like BINGS !
SILLYNESS is essential ~ Life can be boring
I TAPE record my Partner while she is snoring !
LOVE to play SILLY TRICKS each Halloween
LOVE to jump out on them ~ make Ladies scream !
YOU CAN be Silly ~ play your TAMBOURINE !
Thnak for reading ~ more please ~ BRIAN 🧡🧡

tis quite a chill lunge to craft something inane,
when the bowed jester within this talking head
enjoys kindling, snapchatting, and torturing ma brain
until fifty plus shades of gray matter feel like molten lead,
which quandary poses minor inconvenience main
lee since noggin used as battering ram then turns red
like an angry bull - longing to hightail back to great plain
vanilla stomping grounds across vast expanse Yukon tred
without encountering any bloody long reign
of notorious conquistadors ugly vicious strain!

Umm could you
err you know
Emm just let me
Err sort of like
err tell me
what was it
now I’ve emm like
sort of err
gone and ummm

SILLY ME Im quite forgetful
Forgetting things has made me fretful
Forgot my purse cant buy my lunch
Packet of crisps but it lacked punch !
Its a promotion Crisps are free
Now I need a Cup of Tea : SILLY ME
SILLY ME : Ive lost my KEY
Cant get back in my FLAT you see
Dont know what will become of me
My minds so cluttered set me FREE
Good Night : God Bless YOU : SILLY ME
Thanks for reading : Please add Poem 🧡


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