Diamonds & Glass

Echo Seeker

I stand upon a stalwart foundation,

The unmoving rock of my life.

Cold, clear, unbreakable diamond,

She is my all, my everything.


When my footing falls through, misplaced,

My weight is carried in her arms.

She sets me back upon my feet,

Pats my head and shoves me forward.


She is my guide upon this path,

She is the ground beneath my feet;

She is the sun which lights my days,

She is my beautiful diamond.

Or . . . at least she was.


I cradle shards of carbon,

Fervently praying I'd found them all.

I'd known real diamonds had a fault,

A line of weakness in their strength,

But not my diamond;

Never mine . . .




I am a woman formed of glass,

That tiptoes through a metal world.

The webbing cracks which wrack my frame,

Sink deeper still with every step.


I shelter in my porcelain hands,

My sister, who is frailer yet;

And trudge on towards a softer plane,

One meant for people made of glass.


I know I'm near my breaking point,

The fissures have near reached my core;

But safety is so very close-

My heel shatters against iron.


My last thought as I break apart,

A silent plea to higher powers;

I pray I've made it far enough,

For my sister to finish the journey alone.



  • Author: Echo Seeker (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 20th, 2019 18:32
  • Comment from author about the poem: A tale of two sisters. The first half is told from the perspective of the younger sister, who believes her older sister to be invincible. The second half is the older sister\\\'s perspective, how she actually is, and how she struggles along the road of life while protecting her younger sister from experiencing any of the hardships she trudges through daily. I hope you enjoy. :)
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  • Nicholas Browning

    This is really good. Free verse is my favorite form of poetry and here I believe you have done it justice. Nicely done.

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