Claudelle DeLuna


   Martyr Acquiescence


It stares through a foggy window,

unloved and imprisoned,

by the irrelevance of its culture,

drying up in the cold of existence,

it only sings of unhappiness ...



  • Suresh

    More and more of us, are already in this quagmire
    Prisoners of our own culture,
    A new order is required to get out of this rut
    Nice write, nice read

  • Neville

    This is bigger than it appears on the page...

    read several times just to make sure I got my head around ya.... Neville

  • Michael Edwards

    Suresh sums it well - it invokes great depths of thought. Good write.

  • Fractured Dreams

    Must agree with all the others on this. Such depth to this piece, looks small but holds so much more to it. What a great write indeed

  • Goldfinch60

    Good thought provoking write but to my mind culture is relevant and brings me great joy. All you need to do is listen to the music to be transported to that joy.

  • whisperingquill

    I agree with you always
    Be you always
    you r just another strand in a collective quilt vagalume....😉👍🏼

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