Netherworld Unearthed Within This Mind

Psyche soaking wet with devout atheism,

this lifetime skeptic now tenuously

linkedin with Unitarianism

attests, said upbringing proffered,

mine credo, gestalt,

leitmotif, sans abstractionism

eludes elucidation, delineation, clarification...

some readers might

dismiss as absurdism

defying established dogma fixed absolutism

millenniums, would be hashtagged heretical,

and such cavalier blithe

apostasy, declared alarmism,

now - twenty first century

extant accursed as alcoholism

within various non

Western statecraft enclaves,

barely tolerating agnosticism

no fool to ejaculate

proclamations antithetical opinionism

where condemnation to death

(I obediently, humbly, and gladly accept)

inadequate punishment,

cited on par relegated to alienism,

amoralism, antiestablishmentarianism...

never does this anachronism

loosely cabled with pioneerism,

(when virgin forests bedecked America),

a veritable wilderness, necessitated

quintessential self survivalism

knowhow long since forgot,

which dependence on consumerism

finds yours truly afflicted against capitalism

commercialism, conformism, cultism et cetera

more aligned with reliance on individualism

nearly an extinct species,

where anti materialism

betrays, cavils, and discourages ecocentrism,

versus profit motive maximization,

though of late environmental dynamism

aggressive representative thank you

Greta Ernman Thunberg regarding criticism,

nee opprobrious global ecological terrorism

mandating staunch defeatism

as stave bulwark

against criminal determinism

to wreak irrevocable traitorous dogmatism

predicated on tenets of egocentrism

brewed, steeped, and

galvanized in exceptionalism


of Homo sapiens and expansionism

exclusive to said primate

that requires serious assessment,

asper bracketing craven

doctrinairism edified fundamentalism

granting humans unfettered expansionism!




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