Fractured Dreams


Anger, with its septic tongue, licks at my already weeping wounds. Its sharp fangs graze across my flesh, threatening to take another bite.  I want to run, flee from your torment. 


“Just let me be!” 


But my pleas are muffled by the raging winds which hurl and swirl in my deafening ears, reducing me to floods of tears. 


Amidst the thunderous storm of your ever increasing temper, shards from what was once loves chalice, hurtle towards me like a whirlwind, ready to spit out all it has harvested from its short existence. And like shrapnel, these little shards pelt at my depleted body.  Some merely scrape at my flesh, others bury deep, causing cavities which weep and ooze out more pain. 


Blinded by your rage you don’t give in, forcing a torrent of debris to rush at my defenceless body.  Battered and bruised my soul whispers to my heart. 


Don’t give up 


Rise above


  • sylviasearcher

    Another good write, I felt quite a torment in this as though the anger was both within and without.

    • Fractured Dreams

      Thank you ever so much, it felt good to get off my chest too

    • Poetic Dan

      Wow, not sure what you just done to me but never have I felt the words trapped inside be pulled from me. As my tears are still falling I'm going to try and read it one more time. Maybe I'll see why I can struggle to shine!

      Glad I missed this on the post as its having the effect it needs to!

      Always appreciated
      Much peace and respect

      • Fractured Dreams

        Poetic Dan, thank you so much for taking time to look at my work on here. I don't get chance to post too often. But I do love writing. My poems are normally a little on the darkside. I apologise that I caused you tears. I was in a distressing state when I wrote this. Lets just say family can hurt you more than anyone, I think because they are meant to love you.

        Thank you for your comment I hope you feel better soon

        All the best
        Fractured Dreams

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