Mueller Report Equals Unexpected Coup For Trump

Much to my chagrin

barely discerned, noticed above

the celebratory Republican din

the commander in chief

all smiles with engined

haired cohorts evincing

ear to ear tousled grin,

feather in cap for apprenticed

president and kin,

which exemption, sans suspected

collusion deflated balloon,

asper impeachment with figurative pin,

hoof foresees unbridled spin

and reluctantly I admit a win

for oval office occupants,

now crowing with dens zen


of Democrats nemesis,

sought after cat in bag

to snag the 20/20 election - dag

nabbit, now suddenly hands off

to hot synonymous to a burning flag

infuriating an angry red bull,

whereby kicked up dust dost gag,

no doubt Donkey Kong doth lag

behind Elephant given boost

regarding race to occupy Oval Office,

(bout 18 months hence) with swag,


yet partisan bickering

promises divisiveness about

conclusion Robert Mueller,

political party in power will flout,

and hammer home (sic) cull

doughboy Putin on Ritz with nary a pout,

and suddenly a shoe win victory...

finds this average Joe

Biden envisioning a rout

as campaign soon begins in earnest


unwise to toss in hat, and tout

positive opinion billionaire tycoon barren

glistening pearly whites, and smug Darren

any naysayer to cross

twittering account Heron,

now that his ego the size of Taj Mahal,

where head honcho rear in

to pull out all stops with

unsheathed claws tear wren


into every mass media

to disseminate latest twist,

deflecting opprobrium

with many voters pissed

and disillusioned at unsubstantiated list

of purported high

crimes and misdemeanors,

perhaps taking cheeky liberty,

viz various sundry gals tubby kissed


rapidly punctuating exhortations grist

for milling potential resurgence

with pumping fist

feeling on top of the world,

no doubt glad to exist.


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