For Our Hunting


The hunted and the hunter where both are prey and predator. 


Each drinking and transversing the grounds. Both animals- the human, the animal, the man.


Your thirst leads you to municipal waters. Mine to the land.


That is not my freedom to consume the wares. That is not my exploration, but mere indecency. The acts are not indecent it’s the laying down with the leper by way of guzzling the products sold and seen in your hands. 


As you run through the streets naked, there you will not find me for I am in the forest with my lover. 


  • Suresh

    All are predator and prey as well.

    Challenging read. Thnx

    • Sunshinefalling

      Yes we are and in many ways. Glad you enjoyed it.

    • Poetic Dan

      Interesting read, thank you

    • handsomerose


      • Sunshinefalling

        Thanks. Hope you got some meaning out of it.

      • Jon Nakapalau

        Very deep - much to think on!

        • Sunshinefalling

          Iā€™d be interested to hear your interpretation.

          • Jon Nakapalau

            I felt a strong vibe of searching - looking for what really belongs to you - not being hunter or hunted by others. Sorry if I am wrong!

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