To The Churches in Syria

To the Christians in Syria -
my Christian brothers,
and my Christian sisters -
I pray for you.
I weep for you.
I stand and worship,
Jesus Christ,
the son of the one true,
living God with you.
Know that the world,
has not forgotten you.
You are a great,
blessing from the Lord.
You were created,
so that the Lord's work,
may be manifested through you.
I wish,
and yet I do not wish,
that I could feel your pain.
Very few can say,
that they know what you,
are experiencing.
Still, know that throughout,
all of the trials,
and all of the tribulations,
you may find joy,
yes joy,
in Christ Jesus.
Oh my Syrian sisters,
I weep for you.
I cannot imagine,
the pain that you go through.
Oh my Syrian brothers,
who feel an ongoing,
agonizing pressure.
I cannot imagine,
the pain you go through.
Yet still, you are in my heart.
To all the churches in Syria -
I exclude none -
who are forced to praise,
Christ Jesus in private,
to the churches whose pastors,
had gave up their lives,
so that they may gain life,
you are the true martres.
To those who think,
they are loosing,
because of their faith,
keep up the good fight of faith.
Know that the suffering,
will not last forever.
There will come a time,
when Christ will show his reign,
and you will recieve,
your eternal reward,
in glory by Christ himself.
Not only that,
but more will be added to you.
There for I say,
"May the Lord's peace,
above all be with you".

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